This page exists for historical purpose, since some people might still want to run Linux on their machines and experience true Retro-computing with Red Hat Linux (5.1). Note: These discs were published in 1998, so no support is available for these files!

" It's taken some digging around and some careful excavation, but with the help of a good hammer and chisel, we've finally unearthed a few interesting artifact and real Linux gems. Linux Rough Cuts is the latest jewel case in the Linux Crown. With Linux Rough Cuts, you can mine your computer resources, resurrect old hardware from the dead and shed light on newer processors!

The Linux Rough Cuts Releases are derivatives of Red Hat Linux for the PowerPC (MkLinux for newer Machintosh computers), UltraSPARC, MIPS (some SGI machines), and M68k (Amiga, Atari, and older Macintosh computers) processors. Though there hasn't been an "Official" unveiling of Red Hat Linux for these processors, this CD set allows you to be the operator for all the equipment that you have stored. "


For PowerPC, UltraSPARC and MIPS newer versions are available! For MIPS you can download this from Linux-MIPS.

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